giovedì 11 febbraio 2016

Behind the concept of "FrameworK" number Two.

Art is surprising  one day, by the reading an article on Blogger published by an outsider and underdog  painter, someone really near at a jamming in the market of art, you can find that there is a new possibility, a new and luminous possibility of looking at the physical concept of "Framework" to open new empty spaces for creative fantasy.

Pict. A Stamp Originals or Limited Editions Numbered or copy for all.

I am the inventor of a new concept "Dematerialized Art".  Something destined to change the Art of tomorrow. Because of completely different approach, "Dematerializing" the abstracting from the concrete painting,  got as transforming my personal approach at the painting, a sort of Ironman armature applied at the painter who became an "Iron-painter".

Pitc.B Video installation on Wide Screen new Luminous Art.

The new objects that I create with my new Tech. the Painting of Transformation,  the originals Masterpieces, that I Call; my Original "Frameworks-Files". Are all contained into this new place in the  center of Digital Convergence.

    My "Dematerialized Art" is in the center of the Digital Convergence.

Pitc. C  This Sizing showed at Fristie's is non so big for my standard capability.

 From the center of Digital Convergence, for me is quite easy from my Masterpieces Original create  from them,  any kinds of possibles forms that I decide  to do assuming  at my art.

Pict. D  Like a new Street Art Outdoor installation of my Art on Very Large Sizing Panel.

I have invented on that way a new Form of Art "Dematerialized", I brought all those news concepts, ideas, and new forms of art realized into my new Project:

  Ceci n'est pas un "Quadro".

Pict. E   This is a Visual installation a Proiection on the wall of an Hystorical Palace in my home town Torino.

I wrote this Post on Linkedin cause my Project is ready to be shared. I am in search the opportunity to find son Multimedia Editor, who could be interesting on the "Dematerialized Art", my Art Contents are ready to be used on the various form that I have described in the Pict. A.B.C.D.E.

And also via Video as you can verified on my YouTube Channel here.

This one is the Trailer of my Channel, to understand the correct suggestion to look at the Video, on the way to get a proper new visual experience

And this is my Art Video "Manifesto" with the declaration of my Public Objective.

So please, if you know something into the Media/Editor who should be interesting on my research and on my Project: Ceci n'est pas un "Quadro".

Feel free to forward this post, with my contacts, that are visible on my Personal Open Profile. 

Thanks  for your helping, let my new Idea of Art could become real.

Flavio Fassio The Painter of Transformation.

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