giovedì 9 luglio 2015

Young Girls at the Military Service and new development.

Definitely, to hot outside ( New record temperatures for July 2015 ) for any serious thought, I am in my Studio, fighting with this climate trying to write something to share with you, and I find this Quadro-Files drawn by me in 2000 and Transformed in 2014 thanks to the new technique that I have invented :
"Pittura di Trasformazione"
                 Titled: Young Women at the Military Services, --Quadro-File-- Technique "Pittura di Trasformazione"                     Measures and Materials Customizable on demand.

You know I am just a painter, and I don't want to sell myself as something different from my art, but I like to use, my art to propose some new point of view.
One of the aspects that I try to bring at your's attention, of my art, is that sometimes, our thought decide to see a thing in some way, but after a while, or maybe after a little help from the author, you can completely change that point of view.
I like operate on this level of art if you like to experiment this sensation you can follow this link and pursuit this article on my blog, you will found a:                                                    Video in HD Quality with Music,
that is the classic example of what I have introduced before.
Remember that the Video, that you will start to see shortly, is painted by me, just with my personal sign of painter;
-- I can paint Video as a painter a canvas --.
Remember that is a new form of art, possible because I have dematerialized the physical concept of "Quadro", so I can repropose to you a:
New Virtual Visual Experience,
through a Visual Story Telling of my Quadro-File.
For last please, you can try to look at the Video from a big screen to better enter into the details of the HD Quality. Pump up the volume and relax yourself. You need to see all the Video, cause at the end, in the queue titles there is some help, to reconsidering all your thought on the entire matter, and on my art.

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Thanks for watching, Flavio.
P.S. I am really open to any proposal of collaboration, my art is located into the center of the Digital Convergency, and my artistic contents are ready to be used in all the form of the Multimedia Art Arena,  If you like to contact me write at; flafaxtri@gmail.com

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