mercoledì 27 aprile 2016

My two Galleries, for the Mice.

So ,  I took this beautiful picture and with an action of " Contamination " and on that way,  I opened my  First Mouse Art Gallery.
Title: Mouse Art. the First gallery for the Mice and Co.
In fact, I always thought about doing works  Large and Extra Large , but perhaps the solution is in the micro,  an Art  low-low size  a  Human Art created for the   Mice.
After a while, considering the success of the First, I make it double, by opening the second one. 

I open the second location of Mouse Gallery .
The mice are great connoisseurs of art and real enthusiasts of the cultural life. They follow the events of Classical and Contemporary Art. They   don't lose an analysis from the famous critics and they know all the launches and the news of the market, the new avant-garde.  
They know my research and love it, and they are @ Subricers of my YouTube Channel, so why?  you don't follow me  also as a humans beings.

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