martedì 12 aprile 2016

My free thinking round a new expressive opportunity.

Yes, I am Looking at the Art of Flavio Fassio on YouTube it's a New Visual Experience.

So, in 2013, I have invented a new Tech. of painting that I named Painting of Transformation.

And in 2014, I painted  handmade my first Video  in HD Quality 4K with Music.

Today, this man in the photo is watching  my YouTube Channel,  where I have Uploaded almost 20 Videos as a promotion of my Painting of Transformation to show this new form of art in a  Public and Social way.

I am really disgusted from the  Italy, a place where; "The  son of the killer of Magistrates can go on TV, to present his book"  and no one Journalist despite my presence on the web, and my continuous emailing to the  newspaper's redactions, as not  reached the moving of  a single  interested Journalist on what I have developed and invented.

So Italy, you ignored my art. You don't know, about a new possibility to look at the concept of "Framework".

You Italians, aren't aware the possibility, to experiment today the art of the future, because, at the moment, I am  a perfect stranger for you.

This is the reason why, I decide, to protest against this situation by writing my post in English, to formally demonstrate my opposition to  this state of the art, that prefer the worst people instead of promoting the others who try to produce and share a new type of beauty.

To have an Idea of My Project on YouTube, please look at this Video that  in 3 minutes reveal my intentions, remember to follow the tips and suggestions that I present into the Video promotion before to watch  the others Video Painted Handmade.

So this is the possibility offered by my art, that can  encounter the ancient and historical wall as you can see on the following foto, my art can be projected on this Church to let people look at the concept of "Framework" from a new point of view.

Black Africa could be projected on the Church wall, to raise the sensibility through art on the   thematics of  immigration.

Now look at the video and try to imagine   those Colors of Black Africa  that could be projected on a large scale on  that Church big wall.

This is the new type of Beauty that I have developed, If you like to help me and my Project, try to share this post through the social buttons that you find down here, and Subscribe please,  to my YouTube Channnel, Thanks,  Flavio.

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