domenica 17 aprile 2016

Wath is Autobranding?

This is a new form of art Autobranding my differenting art vision in the WEB.
The real  full question is what is Autobranding? And how to master this art without becoming a blatherskite or a moonraker.

As a first point, you need to have something, created by you,  to share along with the  others.

As second you need to know how to share in a contemporary way, using some creative skill, some art, on the preferred  Socials links, to link people with yours contents.

An I.E. of this is; taking the picture, on the top of this article, there is a visual  simple example, of this two important points, which  I have just finish writing.

There is some Art form on my  Instagram Account, where I experiment some Creative shooting photos if you like to follow me, just click on the following Photo to reach my space.

Una foto pubblicata da Flavio Fassio (@flaviofassio) in data:

Is arranged in an artistic composition to give more info through the QR Code.

The red one is referred to my YouTube Channel, please Follow me, if you like to look at Video in HD Quality created handmade as the canvases of the painters, but with music.  This is my Video Trailer.

A new Video Art is born in Italy.

hello, this is my new Presentation in English, of my new Art Channel YouTube, Please Follow the Suggestion to experience somenthings news and Subscribe if you waunt to help on my Project.

     This is my  Trailer of my new Art Channel YouTube, Please Follow the Suggestion to experience something new and Subscribe if you want to help achieve the objectives of  my Project.

The other QR code in Blue is the pointer to this Blog.

 The big one in Yellow is the historical site of the Painting of Transformation.

This following is a Tweet, that if you Clik it Brings you on one of the two variation over Public Social.

Everything is signed with my personal sign and with my Hashtag #UnArteAltraPuoInItaly
Who sound like this:   there is a space here in Italy for another art?
The fact that I write in English is self-explicative of the question.
Hoping you liked, please help me to share on the web , by the use of the sharing bar down here.
Tnks Flavio

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