lunedì 11 aprile 2016

Punto di rottura - Breaking Point.

Breaking Point is realized thanks to the tech. named  Painting of Transformation invented by me in 2013.

This is a place near where I grew up, today is Sunday and there isn’t any people around  cause is an Industrial zone, and today there are just few people, for some maintenance in the empty factories.

 So, I am passed in this zone by walking along with my two sons, returning home from a basketball play, we get a 7 km walking, to reach home.

I take some shooting of my little son Leo, during this walk, and when I reach home, I start to use it to figure out, my art over this large Industrial wall.

Breaking Point closest view of the possible installation just to sjow you the Quality of the Graphics.

So this is “Punto di Rottura” or “ Breaking Point ”.

My Son Leonardo is 1,60 mt high, this installation could be very large 6 mt high x 20 mt long.
I have invented the tech. to paint this large installation 3 years ago and I called this new tech. Painting of Transformation.

If you like this new possibility of art, or you like to have more information, am open to any kind of collaboration.

My art was developed from me with the intention of be a Public and Social art, open to the people.

I will can  installing  my art, trought a variety of possibility, from the classic printed Wall, on allmost every surface like wood, glass,d-bond, plastic or  a projection throughtout  on very large scale.

Breaking Point. in the night projected on the wall ..... a new type of art.

So if you like to better understand the possibility open by my new tech, the Painting of Transformation, you can write me at flafaxtri@gmail.com

 I am opoen to any kind of collaboration my scope is to let the Painting of Transformation became Public and Social. 

This is last example of my art spread on the web from my Tumblr Blog " My Daily Point of View" where I share also all my activities of Photo Creativity over Instagramm,


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