giovedì 17 dicembre 2015

My art, can't be sold by anyone, cause is for all.

So for this reason, "Fhristie's" or anyone else can't  sell my art at the moment.
When I get it  the de-materialization of  the concept of "Quadro" or "Framework", I  immediately realized  that it  was possible create and open a new form of art,  something never frequented before by human brain.


For example, this Quadro-File titled: Impara l'arte e mettila da parte.

Is a Ri elaboration of different Instagram Photos painted and transformed with the new tech. invented by me, who I call: Painting of Transformation.
Actually, this painting it doesn't exist because, is physically in the dematerialized state.


This one is a Photo by Google Maps artistically rielaborated  by my new art.

We are here in Italy, center of Torino, in my home-town the street of this Projection on the wall is Via Legnano, and this is a Video Projected over this Historical Palace.

As you can see the Projection is quite big, but the quality is HD with Music, cause I like to paint Video in HD Quality by my free hand, with Music.

That's all folks for today, I hope that people who  interest on Digital Innovation here in Italy, can be understood how is important to have a new art, made it with innovative concepts and invented by an Italian painter, who just want to share his knowledge and his new ideas with all.


Flavio Fassio
                   Painter - Inventor - Blogger                           
I  wrote short stories around my art or my video.

I am the first handmade painter of Video in HD quality with Music.
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