giovedì 3 dicembre 2015

Just Fuck Is Art.

Yes, I did it again, this is my last work.

Is hard bring some innovations  in Italy, is hard to propose digital art, at the Cultural Operators who  are  interested of experimental art, nobody will  try to understand your objective or what you are researching to communicate, nobody  seems to be caring on what are your ideas, projects, and art realised  .... just for a question of Age.

The world of innovation and the Digitale aren't of free access for a man like me of 58 years.... inventor of a new art form.

So I am totally free, yes free as a bird, I give you the real Italian Contemporary Art.

 This is Just:  Fuck Is Art.

The man who is interacting with my art, is a friend of mine, Enrico Mario Lazzarin a Poet. The interaction is with my framework who contain a multiple series of giant condoms - painted with Africans colors -the message is really contemporary one, to help people  through  the art,  raised the sensibility of the Aids problem in Africa.

                                                          Flavio Fassio    
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