sabato 13 febbraio 2016

Spinach-Waterlilies at the end is just another concept of a "FrameworK".

Titled: Spinach-Waterlilies. Drawn wit the Painting of Transformation.
So welcome, this is just an imagine of my Original Masterpiece that is located at the Center of the Digital Convergence.

Today I want to show you some practical realisation some installation of my Art that could be easily prepared, derived from the concept of "Dematerialised FrameworK" that I have introduced in 2014.

This Picture showng a possible installation of my Art on the wall of the Castle of Barletta.

And here come a Video Projection during the night always on the same wall of the Barletta Castel.

The projection of the Video a sort of new Street Art, that in the respect of the historical hosted wall, create a sort of light mixing from Contemporary Art and Classical Architecture.

Video Projection of  a new Street-Art not invasive on the Historical wall of Barletta Castle.

A sort of new spectacle of Street-Art that could be projected on  the  historical wall of Barletta Castel, an operation of research of new meaning, through the encounter of Contemporary Art and Historical Architecture, a new way to show the concept of "Framework" possible just with my Dematerialized concept of Art.

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