venerdì 8 gennaio 2016

Find your way to exit from mental boundaries...

Am using digital art as new expressive media, starting from the invention of my new tech. of paint; the "Painting of Transformation" isn't just a way to make a new form of art, but is the way to Transform yourself through a new experience of time.

The key is the time spent into the studio...

The key is the use of time into the studio...

The key could be, spending  the time to enlarge your vision...

If you think that here in Italy is possible to talk of a new art, without beng  a Chef, or a Singer with X.Factor or some clone of it, but just a free mind transformed by the practice of think in a freeway without boundary... you can continue, the reading of this post , and look for the complete drawing on my Blog... you can continue.

As a normal Italian, I love our cusine and music, but I think is neccessary today also a little more of paint art , to help people  thinking different.

Titled: Lamp on the ceiling, transformed with my paint into an Eco-System.

So I have taked with Instagram this photo by my Smarthphonem, after the first sight I start to think at the object into the photo as a planet.
As you can see I titled the photo: Moon from Celing  in Italian "Luna da Soffitto".

With this Idea in my head I start to Transform the photo, with my new art tech. "The painting of Transformation", I finish my work of Transformation,  just on the same day  when Kim Jong-un as subscribed the go for the Hydrogen Bomb Experiment.

So I have made some transformation to the "Moon from Celing" trasforming the photo into an Eco-System that could be compared with the Earth. 

 Now youcan  try to trasform your self into a Critic, and found some element who can connect the Eco-System that I have Painted and Trasformed, with the absurdity of a Nuclear Experiment.

To help you , I have used some simbology, when you count 3 objects you can think at Reuse-Reduce-Recicling.  Think at the wind of a nuclear experiment, who blowing away 3R's effort.

Titled: Lamp on the ceiling, transformed with my paint into an Eco-System.
Try to express yourself , my art is Public and social and I like to interact with the people, answer questions, resolve some doubts.

And use art to rising Eco Sensibility.
If you like thanks for sharing, and interact. 

 Flavio Fassio
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           I am the first handmade painter of Video in HD quality with Music.
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