lunedì 31 agosto 2015

In a World of empty values art is thinking different.

Collaboration wit Alfio Fissavo a born ready Curator and Critic, continue the exploration of any aspect of my  new tech.  "Pittura di Trasformazione".
So today with the help of Alfio trough the:    ADS 4 PDI
(After Dead Services 4 Perpetuating Digital Identity)
We want  analyzed with the help of Alfio my  different Paths of Creativities.

1# the painting inspired from a strong Idea:
This type of painting is normally less curated than others types, has a component of urgency derivate by the necessity to express immediately and with urgency before it will vanishing.
2# the painting born from the drawing Idea:
This type of painting start to born from the paper/canvas after the drawing phase is started, it seem to get out from the paper, his concept is builded around the drawing phase and is growing with the expansion of the drawing.
3# the re-utilisation of something that you have created but you don't felt ... yeah!!!
This is the case who we analyzed today.
Following a the Quadro-File on the wall of Flavio kitchen representing the first version of his work, captured with Instagram.
This paint was realized by Flavio around 2009 directly to the computer and was an Example of #1 Paint inspired from a Strong Idea.
It was a Citation of Pop Art (Andy Warhole) and his works with the Campell's Soup Cans. Flavio reinterpretation was thought and immediately painted, the Cans are ruined by the time and are painted used, opened, and empty also the logo disappeared to represent the corrosion of the time.
This work was rethinking this year in August by Flavio through the "Pittura di Trasformazione". In the propositions of the 3 soup cans, ( P.Manzoni study has influenced Flavio Creativity) for the creation of the multiples.
The Original work can measure 4.80 mt W x 2.60 m H . 

The obsession of the multiple repetitive subjects of the cans is ended with a Glass of Red Wine.
"In a World of empty values art is thinking different" is contained all on this Glass of Red Wine. The refusing from homologation, the courage to be different, and to bring value instead of be empty.
Reference for this opera can also be founded on the personal story of Flavio, who as rethink himself as a painter after his experience to be part of a workforce reduction program at 55 years old. His one was a fortunate case but, but  Flavio entered in contact with a series of other people's experience who influenced his passage and transformation to a painter, so is possible also to refer at the cans as real people, human beans 50/55 years outplaced from the productive works as empty values. This wasting of experience is indicated as a problem of our modern society and art a possible way of re-think a personal contribution to the society.
Rethinking himself as a painter rebuilding his personal public profile with the use of art, is a fundamental example of  positive reaction Flavio is bringing to all of us this value through his Glass of Red Wine, we will drink to his new art and we  are happy to be testimony of this transformation who let us delighted by the "Pittura di Trasformazione".
If you would like to know more on this new type of art, please refer directly to  http://www.flavio-manufatti-d-arte.it/en/
Alfio Fissavo.

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