martedì 25 agosto 2015

If you wear this mask "Cura-XXXX-Orbi" you can understand my art.

"Internet of Things" are on the way to change our life, hundred of products are ready to be inserted into our market as  soon as you can imagine.
So I decide to anticipate the time, with this art project, inventing just from an artistic point of view an useful tool, in the hope of some engineers would love the idea and will transform my dream in reality.

Ttled: Cura-Tori-Orbi.  painted with Pittura di Trasformazione.

The mask "Cura-XXXX-Orbi" is a tool that can help, people that don't have any fucking  idea of contemporary art,  to  became  after wearing it,  immediately expert,   it as an  I.Q.  of contemporary art,  that automatically goes in help to his possessor.

               ++ Particular of the 3 level of help detrmined by the different noses, little nose level 1. medium leve 2 big leve 3. 

The Mask "Cura-XXXX-Orbi" as 3 level of help:

The first one is for people who are expert of Contemporary art but don't know nothing on digital art.

The second is for people generally expert of Classic Art who don't know much on Contemporary Art.

The third level is for people who don't know nothig on Art.

                          ++++ Detail  of the Cura- XXXX- Orbi , the mask invented to understand Contemporary Digital art.

Into the detail of the Mask to resolve the Rebus of the Tilte: 

Let me know, if you resolve this little Rebus, suited resolvers are bilingual Italian-English.

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