venerdì 19 giugno 2015

I can paint Video just with my personal painting sign, you don't believe?

Yes, I can! 

Title; Tex Cave Canem Xas, is my Self portrait illustrating my life 40 years into the Computer World and 2 years in Art.

 So please look at the result, by starting the video uploaded by me. into this article. 
Please, read carefully my suggestion before to start, cause I like you got a perfect experience from this new type of art.

 Suggestions for a correct view:
 A) Try to look the video from a PC with a big screen or better from a TV connected on www, It is possible to watch also from tablet and smartphone, but to understand density and magnitude, is better a large screen.
 B) Try to wear headphone for better concentrate and to pump up the volume, there is music on the video. Just one thing before to go, this video are made by me with the intention of replicate virtually, my encounter into a Museum with a big Quadro.

My Art is realy Big this are the real dimension of me and wife, I am 2 mt tall, so the Quadro.File is huge 5 mt x 5mt.

 With this thought in my mind, I have replicated, my experience of study and observation of this big Quadro. So the video is the virtualization of my visual experience during this phase of encountered with the Quadro. 
This is for you, maybe is a new form of art, or maybe just a tentative to let you look at the concept of "Quadro" from another point of view.
 This video was painted by myself with my personal painting sign, just with my hand, no camcorder, thanks to the new technique founded and developed by me, who I call "Pittura di Trasformazione".

You can find more on My new technique "Pittura di Trasformazione" and on my new project: 
Ceci n'est pas un "Quadro". at my website;

 http://www.flavio-manufatti-d-arte.it/ Italian

or here http://www.flavio-manufatti-d-arte.it/en/ English if you like,

 you can register on my website and subscribe my youtube channel, you find the link at the end of the video. 
Please help me to realize a dream, to project this video on the wall of some Italian city during the Expo 2015, My videos are in HD Quality, and is possible to project them like to a big cinematographic screen on wall, everywhere in Milano, Torino, Rome. A new type of luminous graffiti, in the night and in the respect of the wall, my art isn't invasive, so is possible an ambient of projection in historical place, to present a mix of contemporary and classic art united in a magic mix.

 flafaxtri@gmail.com is my mail.

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