martedì 7 luglio 2015

With the "Trittico of Miss YouPorn " I have reached personal exposure.

For  artists, is a dream to be exposed on a wall like this, in an elegant Gallery somewhere in; NewYork, Paris, London, Tokyo, Rome.
How can I have done it? in just 2 years, to be hung up on this walls? Normally the others artists will reach this results after a life dedicated to work, and for someone this objective is just reached after, unfortunately.
Is not my case, a day I decide to jump the queue, stop waiting and find a way to self-expose my works.
3 keys points, that let me reach this result, in so little time:
First: You need to have something new to say, and you need to express your's concepts  trough an excellent painting technique, if you invented a new painting technique, as I have done, with the development of "Pittura di Trasformazione" (Painting of Transformation) 30%Classic & 70% Digital, the thing could help.

Second: You need to bring semantic contemporary, interpreting  on the light of a new perspective, at the base of this "Quadro-File", painted with  the "Pittura di Trasformazione" there is this type of work.
There is, the honesty to describe an evolving situation, an exit-way-out, a way of rescue. There is the description of the oldest job of the world, reinterpreted at the time of the web, a drawing with my sign, who enter into the major details.
From one side: Sex, Money, Eyes wide shut of the observer, Sex on Web, 24h all days, the Supermarket of the Porn, 50 ...100 ...1000.. choose you, how many greys of shade you need, the spectacle is always on air.                                                                                     On the other side: The protagonist, the object woman, the YouPorn Girl, we don't know, maybe she has already deciding... the vomit, is getting out from his body with violence, the tongue maximum extension for the vomit spasm, is detailing his " I don't want more, I need to quit this job", maybe tomorrow, but really sooner, she will find an exit way out to free herself from this world, nothing is forever.
This is my art, I paint the "Change", I am interested to bring your's attention, on the moment where we act the switch mind, from A to B, the moment  when we all,  take the decision to -- transform our life --,  I like to help people rethink out the box, my art has the objective to bring  new point of view.
Is time to rebuild, art content, with something inside, not just a provocations  or pneumatic vacuum, is time to bring a contribute of  "Sense" in the  contemporary art. 
Third: I have Dematerialized the concept of "Quadro". This giving me a tremendous power of creating the new thing, ideas, concepts and new art. I am an outsider, an incident unexpected, something really different from whatever  you saw before, so my art dematerialized, is positioned in the center of the web, just in the place where the digital convergence is born.
So my Art Gallery is all on the web,  I can hung up my dematerialized art in virtually way, everywhere I want, I am free to express myself, as a Virtual Pirate Painter of a new art, without the rules of you dear normal painter, oppressed by  the system, I can fight for you all, rescue the independence of the artist, and bring some "Sense" a new art into the Contemporaneity.
 If you like to help me on this personal  mission, please, remember to  share this article with the social buttons, talk with friends of my tentative, and try  interact with me into the socials arena.

Thanks from Flavio VPP.-- Virtual Pirate Painter-- .

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