lunedì 16 marzo 2015

In the future, everyone will be famous for 15 minutes. Should be time to substitute Andy Warhol's statement?

I can say, yes.
Today, there are free social media tools, that let you broadcast yourself, in not so complicated way, practically to all the world, every stupid, today got the power to be on  web and to virtually perpetrating her/his Selfie images and thoughts everywhere.

If you take a tour  on the majors socials on the web, you can easily auto evaluate,  how strong the Selfie cult, from young to old, all generations, everybody is implementing his personal strategy, to perpetrating his Selfie images and his poor life full of  market zombie. The result is an enormous blog of auto-reference. Selfie with  banal life derivates, none interesting life, boring time,  are  overwhelming omnipresence on the  web. If you sum this to publicity, most of the things that you found on the web,  are  boring things  if you get lucky.

So I think is time to reviewed the famous Andy Warhol statement,
"In the future, everyone will be famous for 15 minutes."

Actualizing it, into a most appropriate and contemporary:

     "Today, everyone can  perpetuate his boring personal life on the web by itself." 
Without giving  any contribution on the human causes, otherwise than for the aspect  of  giving public evidence of the pneumatic vacuum into his brain."

Unfortunately,  this isn't a good new because the level of our web experience, is  jeopardized every day by Tons-Giga  of stupidity, as a reaction to this behavior,   "Against the Selfie Cult", is my personal contribution of reaction at this state of the art.

So I made a Selfie of me with a hand towel on my head, surrounded by the  "Against the Selfie Cult." On my fingers,  I write Oremus Frates.
To react, to start a thought,  to do some things Against the Selfie Cult.

So I made another Anti-Selfie of me backwards, with the help of a mirror, on my shoulder  "Against the Selfie Cult". 
To find a new way of use Selfie, but this time,  with brain involved in the  creative composition.

So the last one, wasn't easy to reach, as a result, cause I had to extend my arm, too much and with the other protect my face with a book, titled: Against the Selfie Cult.
If you read  books and you like it and you like to support this "Against the Selfie Cult" movement you can  take this simple 3 Step.

1)    please register on my website 
More info here:  http://www.flavio-manufatti-d-arte.it/en/
Share my art into the web and support my 
"Against the Selfie Cult" Campaign. 
With the following    #AgainstTheSelfieCult

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Share the message with other to grown up the  "Against the selfie cult."
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3)   Support and join me on  this Campaign: 
Against the Selfie Cult. 
Chat with me through the Service in my Web Site, is located on the bottom left corner, Click on my face to open,  is free, and we can talk, exchange ideas and material to grow up this Idea.
Too complicated?  write me: flafaxtri@gmail.com 

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